• Phone No 530-436-LAND (5263)
  • Emailadvntrland@gmail.com


How would you like to pay today? Below is a list of different methods of payment we accept, please choose the option that works best for you. For options that require contacting us, you can use the contact link above.


If you wish to pay via Bitcoin, contact us and we will send you an email invoice through Coinbase.

Personal / Business / Cashier's Check

To pay via Cashiers Check please mail payment to:
Vitae Ventures, Inc.
227 Grand Avenue, Suite 2A
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Bank Deposit

This is usually the fastest and easiest way to pay if you are paying with cash and you have a preferred bank in your area. Simply let us know you will be paying via deposit and we will provide you with our deposit account number. Then deposit the payment into the account.

Wire Transfer

To pay via Wire Transfer simply request wiring instructions from us and we will provide. Then wire the payment.