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Cheap Lake Lot, Perfect For RV Parking

1786 Sq. Ft Parcel Near Pontoon Dr

Simple, Easy, No Credit Check Financing $99 Down / $50 Month For 48 Months

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Price :
1786 Sq. Ft
Terrain :
Pontoon Dr
Rv lots
Water :
Elevation :
241.1 feet

Today we are offering a great 0.04 acre lot right on Toledo Bend reservoir, The lot come with water and electricity so it would be perfect for an RV Camping, we have other lots that are 1/3 Acre, but due to the covenant there, an RV can’t be parked in those lot. but this 0.04 acre lot you can.

Your RV’s tank would serve as the sewer and there is nearby places where it can be emptied.

The lot is surrounded by 4 marinas and resorts. And the area offers a great variety of choices. you can comps in which you can literally leave the house and only have to walk a few steps before you’re in the lake. (about 2000 feet from lake side beach)

The lot adjoins the Sabine National Forest which is strategically managed and provides increased wildlife populations throughout Sabine county Texas. Located in the center of a hunting and fishing paradise this land wraps completely around your own private cove! Enjoy camping, fishing and swimming now and build later!

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