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Customer Review

Barbara Lambert

Honesty, Integrity, and Value – 3 words I use to describe Adventure Land. Descriptions of the parcels match what you see when you go to look at the parcel… no surprises. The prices are good value and in line with prices you would pay locally. They answer every question honestly and with integrity. If an adjoining property comes available they let you know and you get discounts for being a current customer. I currently have two parcels from their inventory. I will buy from them again!

Ronnie Vanoy

Well what can I say about Adventure Land? They are freaking awesome! They do just what they say and more its so easy to buy, it’s on a simple interest plan, and no penalty for paying off early. I bought a piece of land on Indian Ridge ll lot 31 without seeing the land first. (Yes I know) Although the land was great and perfect for me it wasn’t for my wife.
So we called the wonderful gal’s at the office, and they where more than happy to help us find a piece that fit us both.

Bert Brooks

I went through a company called Adventure Land. They turned out to be very helpful and they were always available for me while I owned the property. They actually care about their clients. The first property I bought did not fit my needs so I called them and they let me pick another that did, which says a lot in itself. Wishing you all the very best!

Dan Leidy Pastor (Retired)

Adventure Land are good people to work with. Never met any of them in person, but have bought property from them and they were great and make their transactions very simple and easy.